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.........The Education Package is comprised of 28 dolls in total.


Pictured first are the girls from Series 1 Stitches Collection. 

 The second picture is the boys from Series 1 Collection.

This series has 18 dolls in total, numbered 001 - 018 on the products shop page.


Also included  in the Education pack are the  10 new dolls in the 3rd picture.

Two masked dolls from our new Safety Series .( 0020 and 0021 )

Four dolls from our  Indigenous Range.  (0024 and 0025 + 0032 and 0033)

Four dolls from our  Multicultural Range.     (0034, 0035, 0036, 0037)


All Series 1 dolls have their own individual story card which is also included in the pack.


MINI...H18cm x D10cm


This collection comes in a handy storage bag .


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