Stitches Dolls can be used as a therapy aid as a way to support


children and young people with specific vulnerabilities relating to


Mental Heath, Health and Social Justice Issues


001 Billy Button Eye®            Physical Abuse

002 Betty Butterfly®              Autism Spectrum

003 Bella Ballerina™             Antisocial Personality Disorder

004 Bonnie Blue™                 LGBTQI

005 Bobby Big Ears™             Body Image

006 Clawdine Cat®               Neglect and Abandonment

007 Frankie Frankenstein®      Medical Condition

008 Harriet Halo™                Medical Condition

009 Little Ronnie Red®           Medical Condition

010 Lucy Love™                    Stranger Danger

011 Micheal Mudly™             Dyslexia

012 Peter Piggy Feet®            Speech Impediment

013 Sally Small™                  Bullying

014 Sammy Super®               Heart Condition

015 Sarah Stripes™               Self Harm

016 Wally Wizard™              Depression/Suicide

017 Timmy Tulula™                LGBTQI

018 Ziggy Star®                  ADHD




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