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We would love to hear your story and how the dolls have helped you. Email us at

"Earlier this year [2019] my fellow linkers and I had the idea of using some of Danielle's Stitches Collection Therapy Dolls as a tool to carry out interactive sessions aimed at primary school children. The idea was to develop social awareness and to plant the seeds of inclusion, celebrating and supporting that whilst we are all different we can all still be friends. 


...[T]he Stitches Dolls played an integral part in conveying our message of inclusion."

- Antoinette Bradley

Ability Links NSW 

"I want to write to you to express how amazed and excited I am after purchasing Frankie for my son... at your launch. 


Within maybe 5 days of Frankie being apart of our family [our son] finally slept thru the night I mean 8 hours no rustling no getting up we were amazed. As he has never slept a full night since he was about 7 months old before diagnosis. The sleep is still the same 8 hours when he has Frankie....


[When] seeing paediatrician saw him and he has seen him for over 8 years and he was more at peace and it can only be put down to Frankie the paediatrician was so impressed by him and what he's been able to help [our son] with in this short period of time.


[Our son] and Frankie have become great friends and that is amazing to see. He does not do well in social settings apart from siblings and siblings friends being kind to him and accepting him as is, he has not made any yet as it is hard for society to embrace him BUT building these skills with Frankie has helped him as well". 


- Rachelle and Nathan


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